Help Site 2

Information on WfS on cds and dvds

You can order all WfS downloads on cds or dvd. The order sites are splitted in “worldwide”, “Europe” and “Germany” - the reason is just a porto difference.
Because many users wished it, I have separated WfS1 and WfS2, so you can buy WfS1 on cds or dvd, WfS2 on cds or dvd and WfS1+2 on cds or dvds.
Here a little description:

1) Titel and Preview

The cds and dvds are always up to date!

2) CD or DVD

Here you can choose if you want to buy the files on cd or dvd.

3) PayPal Button

You can use it for a fast PayPal payment. Important: If you don’t send me an other advise, I send the paid cds/dvds to the postal address I find in the PayPal email. If this address isn’t up to date, please, send the right immediately to

4) Postal Address for Cash Payments in a Registered Letter

5) Information for a Bank Transfer

Please, don’t forget to send me an email to inform me about your bank transfer and send me your address, so I can find out who is the sender of the payment and send you the ordered cds/dvds.